Monday, April 11, 2011

Waka Flocka FIRST Hip Hop Artist to Support PETA Campaign

Waka Flocka became the FIRST Hip hop artist to support PETA's "Ink NOT mink" campaign. They released his pictures earlier this year in March but you hardly heard anyone whisper about it. One of those situations when  no one promotes Positivity.

 He bares it ALL!!! Waka sports is his chains conveniently placed over his "family jewels". I'm sorry ladies I know you all love him but why wouldn't anyone recommend he hit the gym and tone up a bit before shooting this ad. He has NO MUSCLE definition what so ever!!! These pictures are the lest bit flattering. Thank the lord he his tatted up that it distracts you from his flabbiness. 

"Ink NOT Mink"

in a more explicit ad... Middle fingers in the air saying "Fuck Fur"

I'm convinced Waka rode the yellow little bus to school every morning after watching this video lol... I'm actually surprised and quite shocked to see him of all people supporting PETA . I've watched the gruesome videos of the animals being slaughter and even skinned alive but honestly speaking I still wear fur. I love all animals, always had dogs and cats ranging from Yorkshire Terriers to Great Danes. I just have not been able to give up fur.

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