Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Natural Hair...

So inquiring minds have been asking why do I wear weaves... And expensive hair weaves at that?

I love them... POINT BLANK PERIOD!!!

No I do not need a weave, hair extension, tracks or any other nick name you might have for them. But I do love the variety of styles I can achieve while wearing them. I can go from short long black or dark brown in a minute.

Here is a picture I posted on my Instagram page you can see my natural (Unrelaxed hair) meaning no creamy crack perms etc lol it was wet and curly after I washed it at home. The other picture on the left is after I went to the salon and got a wash and roller set with a blow out.

I will leave my natural hair out for a few but the extension will be back! I love them too much

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Food For Thought

#ForgotToPostGram #Rp via @Donjai_ Don't be a crab in a barrel... (Too many ppl take ones post of their accomplishments as bragging or "fronting") but please acknowledge why they have every right... And know they difference between "fronting" and stunting. Not everyone will be happy for your happiness (and if your in position to better your team extend that hand out so ppl don't ask for a handout) I want everyone around me to be as successful as me ... And I REPEAT... Not everyone will be happy for your HAPPINESS!!! #PlatinumCertified