Thursday, April 26, 2012

Today I Actually Missed You...

Five weeks ago this was my Instagram post. Two weeks to this very day I was told I would never physically see you again. Not a minute goes by and you don't cross my mind. I still don't believe it. Forever... We don't say keep it real anymore we say Keep it Woozy!

Monday, April 23, 2012


May your neighbors respect you

Trouble neglect you

Angels protect you

And heaven accept you...

I can't say I miss you when I don't believe your gone. I'm not filled with sadness. I have anger in my heart. Why did I watch that video over and over again? I have a million and one questions and only one stand out... What the @#!*% were you thinking? We were good! Our money was never funny. What was the motive?

You just told me man... Lina @#!*% ain't built like you street smart book smart and class. You got the package and I just laughed and you ain't said.... Man ain't too many like US! Certified pure bred top pedigree... @#!*% . You died laughing and replied alright "Birdie". My cousin but you were my little brother from another mother. Irreplaceable.

Keep it Woozy