Monday, June 21, 2010

My Dos & Don'ts by Joan Rivers

The star of the new documentary Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work has a few things to get off her surgically altered chest...

}DO make sure you always wear underwear. The people you meet on the way up the ladder will be checking.

}DON'T sleep with your boss unless you're already married to him.

}DO remember that men are like mattress salesmen-they'll say anything to get you into their beds.

}DO leave something to the imagination when getting dressed-unless you're visiting your gynecologist.

}DON'T be afraid to ask for anesthesia. I get put under for a pedicure.

}DO always carry a small sledgehammer in your purse in case you hit the glass ceiling.

}DO remember that the reason celebs look so young is that they travel with their own lighting crew.

}DON'T smoke. (Even if its after the best sex you've ever had.)

You have to love Joan for being so BLUNT!!!
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