Monday, June 21, 2010

My Dos & Don'ts by Joan Rivers

The star of the new documentary Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work has a few things to get off her surgically altered chest...

}DO make sure you always wear underwear. The people you meet on the way up the ladder will be checking.

}DON'T sleep with your boss unless you're already married to him.

}DO remember that men are like mattress salesmen-they'll say anything to get you into their beds.

}DO leave something to the imagination when getting dressed-unless you're visiting your gynecologist.

}DON'T be afraid to ask for anesthesia. I get put under for a pedicure.

}DO always carry a small sledgehammer in your purse in case you hit the glass ceiling.

}DO remember that the reason celebs look so young is that they travel with their own lighting crew.

}DON'T smoke. (Even if its after the best sex you've ever had.)

You have to love Joan for being so BLUNT!!!
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Monday, June 7, 2010

R.I.P Josh... Gone But Never Forgotten!!!

Today made three years since Josh aka Boogie life was stolen from us. Here are a few short clips taken three years ago right after Josh made 18 and a month before his murder. We were all in the house hanging celebrating Boogie and my birthday but it was pouring and there was nothing to do. He was joking as always and telling how in September he was going back to school.