Friday, May 28, 2010

Kat Stacks Gets Slapped!!!

Not sure if any of you have been keeping up with the Kat Stacks "Groupie" Drama... after the 2nd video I just could not take it anymore... I really couldn't understand why she was still relevant, but for reason she kept you guys watching... like clock work. The latest in the Kat Stacks drama was the video that surfaced today of her allegedly getting slapped by rapper Fabolous's brother who was retaliating for her Fabolous and Bow wow out burst. I am not sure if this is her even though is does resemble her and sounds a lot like her... if it is though she didn't deserved to be hit by men. (Now she did deserve a slap but not by men) If anything these rappers who were upset could've had a female step to her.

Here is the video feel free to comment.

Here is another video of Kat Stacks being "Basic Bitch" (Lil Duvall's voice) Drunk as hell... smh this is why no one feels sorry she was slapped.

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