Friday, May 28, 2010

DJ Ted Smooth Scratching Up June's - Watch My Moves...

Sorry for the 10 second clip... here is very small snippet of Ted Smooth cutting up the intro to JUNE's "Watch My Moves"... Yikkeess

Kat Stacks Gets Slapped!!!

Not sure if any of you have been keeping up with the Kat Stacks "Groupie" Drama... after the 2nd video I just could not take it anymore... I really couldn't understand why she was still relevant, but for reason she kept you guys watching... like clock work. The latest in the Kat Stacks drama was the video that surfaced today of her allegedly getting slapped by rapper Fabolous's brother who was retaliating for her Fabolous and Bow wow out burst. I am not sure if this is her even though is does resemble her and sounds a lot like her... if it is though she didn't deserved to be hit by men. (Now she did deserve a slap but not by men) If anything these rappers who were upset could've had a female step to her.

Here is the video feel free to comment.

Here is another video of Kat Stacks being "Basic Bitch" (Lil Duvall's voice) Drunk as hell... smh this is why no one feels sorry she was slapped.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Model Mayhem... Precious Coleman

Precious "Choclit Misses" Coleman

Check her out on

Precious (Choclit Misses) was born in Harlem NY. Raised by a single mother who instilled morals, high expectations and manners. At the age of 2 Precious was put into the world of modeling and from there this child of God has been on a non- stop whirl wind. in 1998 Precious started booking work with a talent agent by the name of Stanley Kaplan.

Precious has done numerious music videos for artist like Roots ft Erykah Badu "you got me", Jay-z Ft. Gwen Dickey " Wishing on a Star", and Keisha "You got me where you want me". She's even done movies like Disapearing Acts , The Royal Tenebaums and more.She is currently an active member of Screen Actor's Guild. Acting and modeling is not the only passion that she has. Singing is also another area that Precious loves with a passion and one day hopes to make her mark in. Until then she is steady working in the entertainment field, and looking to obtain her BA degree in Speech Communications in the Spring of '10

Precious swim suit is from Forever 21, her bra is from Fredricks of Hollywood.She styled herself and her hair was done by her sister Shakoiya "Poetic" Pressley her link is

Twitter Bird?

Is Twitter really this SERIOUS??? Some one on my time line "Retweeted" this... I am just amazed that this "young lady" actually branded herself with the Twitter logo but wasn't bright enough to "@ her name"... Lol maybe she is one of those identity crisis people on Twitter who changes their names constantly... Either way this makes NO DAMN SENSE!!!
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Saturday, May 15, 2010

$ingles - JUNE (Freestyle) (free download)

"As promised, here's a brand new track from June! He flips the I'm Single
joint by Lil' Wayne into the unofficial Gentleman's Club remix! You know
you better be prepared with those singles as you mosey into the strip club!
Just don't be falling in love! We're going to keep it hot this Summer! Yikkeess!"
- BuckMarley

Tight Rope - Janelle Monae feat. Big Boi

Pre-Order Janelle Monae's The ArchAndroid Now! (download)

She can actually sing!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cut the Chicken - AB3

New from AB3 "Cut the Chicken" I heard DJ Sweet Music blast this off at the battle for the strip club record at Club 11 last Wednesday and this beat just knocked!!! When it came o it had everyone going CRAZY!!! AB3 was an artist featured in the contest who went up against Lighter. I don't know why he didnt submit this record into the competition... but here it is for your listening pleasure be sure to download it on to your iPods ad as always comment and leave feedback... 

Friday, May 7, 2010

Battle of the Strip Club Record @ Club 11 5/5/10

The first battle of the strip club record at Club 11 was held on Wed. May 5, 2010 AB3's  "Oh Yeah went against Lighter's "Eat That" Hosted by DJ Sweet Music & Wavy K of PMS Radio.
(Click photos to enlarge)