Saturday, March 27, 2010

Liberty's Version of Lady Gaga's Paparazzi

My daughters are nuts!!! Here is Liberty who did not know I was filming her goes into full diva mode once she realizes the camera is rolling... ACTION!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

New at Mc. Donalds... Introducing the Anus Burger. Yikkess!

I found this to be hilarious!!! Tweeted by @TedSmooth via Twitter. When view as a thumbnail it appears to be a regular hamburger BUTT... Lol you get the picture literally ;o) Enjoy!
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Hot-Ass glamorous Cannes Workout Tip

"Do lunges while holding one bottle of champagne in each hand! Take sips while holding in the lunge!" - Dita Von Teese (posted on May 19 via Twitter)
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Friday, March 12, 2010

Lady Gaga feat. Beyonce - Telephone Official Video

The latest music video or should I say mini movie from Lady Gaga Feat Beyonce... Telephone. As always Gaga doesn't disappoint with her entire cast's wardrobe. The video is fierce. I haven't listen to the lyrics of the song, but it appears as if Gaga & Beyonce are running away to be "together". Tyrese Gibson also makes an appearance in the video. She was definitely trying to be rid of rumors that she is a "man" with the C/O's in the video stripping her and stating "I told you she didnt have a D*CK". Enjoy!

Watagatapitusberry - Official Video!!!

I came across this song while sitting on the computer checking my email. My sister Devanna was watching MTV Hits and the video was being aired. I was barely listening and never took my eyes off the computer screen but the song caught my ears. I asked what was she watching because it sound like some sort of parody of a lil Jon and Pittbull. Thank goodness for a DVR box.... lol. I really don't get WATAGATAPITUSBERRY and apparently neither do they. The video was just all around fun and the song is really catchy. It was shot in black and white and is only one scene besides the artist solos. The editing is kind of dope too. Im pretty sure you will be hearing this everywhere soon. :o) ENJOY!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Teairra Mari Feat. Gucci Mane & Soulja Boy - Sponsor

The name of the record is I got myself a "Sponsor" Hmmm mm... Lol (Yeeeeah Gucci Mane Voice) I like the Gucci Mane into well mainly his ad libs... I never really listen to what Gucci is talking about but his ad libs always makes me laugh... GUCCI! Teairra looks like a young Trina in the video. The song is about a "man friend" spending all of his money on her... Or basically "sponsoring her". I guess that Lil Boosie & Webbie I N D E P E N D E N T record flew out the window huh? Females no longer want to go out and get their own... they want a SPONSOR. I really couldn't get into the record but I loved the twist at the end of the video. Teairra looked very nice in the video, but she can't dance to save her life. Maybe you'll love it... Let me know ;o)
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Job Openings at Cablevison

If you know anyone in need of a Job let them know......Please Forward this on.....

‎​‎​Open Interviews for Cablevision
Wednesday, March 10th 12pm -6pm

930 Soundview Ave
Bronx , NY 10473

You can submit your resume online @
For Bklyn Req ID#9987BR
For Bronx Req ID#9347B.
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