Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Finally First Pics of Baby Blue Ivy: Beyonce & Jay-Z's Child July 18, 2012

Today Beyonce was spotted out shopping with an unveiled now "six month" old daughter Blue Ivy. None the less rumors flew everywhere... "The baby is too big!" that's not the same baby jay was carrying last month"

Who cares... The baby is a cutie regardless of whose child it is.

Funny Pic of the Day: Liberty

I posted this picture a couple of weeks back. Every time I see it makes me laugh. Liberty was looking at pictures on instagram and she asked me "Mommy why do all the girls on your instagram pose and make faces like this... And she starts making all these funny faces and poses. I burst out laughing because that's is exactly how y'all females look! 😂

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Long Hair... NEVER Cared!

I forgot to post this... Def been slacking on my updates since instagram (Follow me @ShelinaisPlatinum). My page is public!

 The process of getting my hair washed.

Implicit Brand "Jealousy is what make you a Hater" T-Shirt $40.00

Fendi Zucca "Roll" shopper Tote $1350.00

Hollister Leggining $35.00

Fendi Beige Zucchino sneakers $450.00

Couldn't really tell I haven't been to they gym in 8 weeks 😘

and then I flow like the wind... not 22" or 24" Im too tall for that. Lets take the stakes 10 inches higher! Hair same price as rent ;-P. 32 inches of pure bliss!

Diddy's 3 Little Cuties!

 5 year old twin daughters Jessie and D’Lila and their sister Chance. 

Here is another pic of the sisters...

Mistresses of Atlanta (New Reality Show Trailer!!!) A MUST SEE!!!

So I just got my hands on a new reality show in the making titled "The Real Mistresses of Atlanta". They are trying to get picked up by a major network and based on what I watched they shouldn't have much of an issue with all the scandals and drama in the 10 minute trailer creator Memphitz (Who is the ex husband of new reality star K. Michelle of Love and Hip Hop: ATLANTA) and is now married to Toya Carter... Lil Wayne's ex wife. 

The show features Maliah Michel Exotic dancer from California now based in Texas she is known most for being Drake's and Sean Kingston's girlfriend.

 Mary Jane a self proclaimed mistress who allegedly had to get a restraining order against NBA star Shaquille O'neal who is no doubt an aspiring female rapper.

Sarah Oliver a Video "model"who is clearly prejudice against black women when quoted saying "A brown skin p***y with a pink inside…who would want that?!” She publicizes she gets ass shots to have a black women's body and sleep with black married men. CLASSIC Sarah!

 Rosee' (Pronounced Rosay) Divine is a French model who is of course "heavy" on the back side and last but not least

Branden a 24 year old male who identifies himself as a homosexual. (So you already know he isn't sleeping with married women!) Is a mistress who takes pride in loving men on the DL. 

The Real Mistresses Of Atlanta (Reality Show) from Cricket "The Visionary" on Vimeo.

Its sad that this is what reality T.V has become. I'm pretty sure we will be hearing all about this. Instead of a reality show about African American women who are educated and running their own businesses we are stuck with this. Then again its all about the ratings and that show would probably be boring right?

Let's get our priorities in order and show our future that it is fine to be beautiful, but you don't have to degrade your self for anyone. This show is promoting young women and men to not even attempt  to have a healthy relationship. That it is ok to be #2. (At the end of the day #2 is always behind #1 no matter how much finance you think you are benefiting from it)

Watch the trailer and leave your thoughts and comments below!