Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Know Your Status!!!

"The only time when being NEGATIVE is a BIG POSITIVE" - Shelina 

I am considering becoming a HIV counselor while pursuing my nursing degree... IDK its just a thought not set in stone yet.

I would love to work with teens and educate them on how to be a responsible sexually active individuals. While in the "hood" talking with the some of the under 21's as I call them lol a conversation sparked on how you could contract STD' a female said if you are a lesbian you can't contract a STD and another said "young people" PERIOD could not contract any diseases O_o

This is the exact reason why we need sex education course in high school... Where are they getting this information?

When I question why did she believe Lesbian could not contract and diseases the response was "because they don't have sexual intercourse"... My response "so your unaware that you CAN contract diseases from UNPROTECTED ORAL SEX?"

I got looked at as if I just lost my mind... Went into detail explaining you can contract any disease from oral sex including Genital Warts/ Herpes which you are NOT protected from even if you use condoms and other prophylactics.

If someone has a cold sore and pleasures someone with oral sex there is a possibility you could contract Genital Herpes or Warts. Lesbians sharing dildos and pleasure toys can spread diseases if a partner is unaware they are infected.

They bottom line is educate each other. Get tested, and use protection!!!

Fellas and Ladies I know its hard to tell someone to use a condom especially while receiving head... I've heard the complaints " IT DOESN'T FEEL THE SAME, IT DOESN'T FEEL AS GOOD" but if someone knows how to put it DOWN!!! You can hardly tell the difference. It could be a lot worst if you end up a "Bumpy Johnson" or "Flaming Cindy" from one careless night being unprotected.

Whether your sliding a bitch from the club... Or making love to your significant other that you've been with for years. "Protect your self before you wreck yourself" ««««««« lol that line was sooooo CORNY!!! I know I know lol

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