Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 17th... Not Your Average!

Thanks for all the love I received yesterday. It was highly appreciated. For the ones who didnt reach out love is always love. Didn't do anything major since I'm in my last week of the semester & I have finals. I had a drinks w/ the love ones. No drunken text were sent so over all it was a good night! ;-P

 Kudos to those of you who have your "BBM Pose" down packed lol I suck at it. I'll stick to having my photographs professionally taken. 

This day in history ...
May 17th
I was born!!!
The New York Stock Exchange was established in 1792.
 The first Kentucky Derby was held in 1875.
 The Supreme Court ruled unanimously against segregation in schools in 1954.

- Shelina is Platinum

FYI: for those who view this via Blackberry and are complaining they cant see the pictures I post on my site. Just click the BlackBerry icon and click GET IMAGES all pictures will show instead of viewing them individually from your web browser.

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