Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!!!

^^^^^^^ BIRTHDAY CAKE!!! Lol ;-P

Last night I passed out while typing my research paper... I was awoken around 12:15 am by my phone alerts going off. Text/BBMs, Twitter, Facebook, and phone calls. I'm like WTF is going oh... then I realized Oh SH!T. ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!! I seriously forgot. It's always good to hear from people you haven't spoke to in awhile who remember your birthday. You expect the Aunts, cousins, and sisters to call, but its those unexpected calls that make you smile.

Everyone keeps asking what am I going to do? All I really want to do is go to the gun range and let off something NICE... nothing too extra maybe a little birthday hmmmm (in my Jerimiah voice) lol ;-P I think I'm over due but might have to pass on that and just let off my steam at the range. 

Muah, Hugs and Kisses... thanx for the Bday wishes! I appreciate them all!!!

I know I haven't been updating the site like I keep promising you all, but this is my last week of school. I have finals next week and this time I PROMISE to have some goodies for you all in the upcoming weeks :-)

FYI: for those who view this via Blackberry and are complaining they cant see the pictures I post on my site. Just click the BlackBerry icon and click GET IMAGES all pictures will show instead of viewing them individually from your web browser.

- Shelina is Platinum

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