Tuesday, April 26, 2011

They Say NO SEX in the Champagne Room? (18+ to view)

In my Chris Rock voice... "Daddy's keep your daughters OFF the pole and out of clear heels!!!"

I have close associates who are strippers even one of my closest friend was seriously considering becoming a stripper. So I invited her (names withheld for confidentiality) to Perfections & the Player's club which is now known as Club 11 when I hosted some parties so she could get up close and personal and let me know if this was what she genuinely wanted to pursue as a career. After an hour she looked at me like O_o ! I told her that is exactly what I taught. Strippers provide a fantasy, an allure. Their job is for them to provide you with what ever sexual stimulation they deem necessary as long as those $$$$$$ are rolling in. Please believe the moment the well runs dry they are off to the next trick.

I've NEVER knocked anyone's hustle especially a female but sucking random D!CK$ in a strip club... REALLY?!?!? Has the recession hit that bad?!?!?

There is a thin line between stripping and self respect... Strippers, porn stars, prostitutes are all UNIQUE individuals, BOLD individuals at that. I feel (and remember this is MY PERSONAL OPINION not FACT) that these individuals have some form of psychological issues to be content with performing nude in front of strangers both male & females. You have to not care about the perception of others. I love myself to death, love looking at my self in the mirror, love a mirror in front of me during "a PLATINUM session" but I don't know if I would ever have the heart to do what they do especially on a regulars basis. (most of them say the money is good! Is it really worth it at the end of the day?) There are so many other things you could be doing than degrade your self worth.

 Kudos to them because someone has to qualify for the job. ( I just wish they would all be more cautious and practice safe sex. Its bad enough in a relationship you have to worry about STD's... You don't know what that man was doing prior to coming into the club and your just performing oral sex on him with out questions... let alone letting your friends join) *Shrugs* to each his or her own.... 

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