Sunday, May 31, 2009

Square Off Mixtape Release Party @ Club Promenade

If you weren't in attendance you missed a hell of a party. Square Off & Cory Gunz release party for their mixtape titled YOUNGEST IN CHARGE @ Club Promenade. The crowd was a little iffy when the doors opened, but after a little Al, Al, Al, Alcohol in their system and Cipha Sounds doing his thing on the ones and twos. There was non- stop partying. There were alot of upcoming artist in the building including JUNE, Pesh, P-Swagg, and Kool who have been getting plenty of air play on Hot 97 & Power 105. (I'm sure there are many more I forgot to name) Square off & Wingy performed their new single "I'm Lit"

Host unlimited photos at for FREE!

Host unlimited photos at for FREE!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Watch My Moves - JUNE feat Remo the Hitmaker

[URL=]Watch_My_Move_maxed-1.mp3 - 3.06MB[/URL]
I just realized that I never actually posted the Watch My Moves track by JUNE. If you haven't heard it by now. Here is your chance to check it out. If your really vibing to this. You can request it on Hot 97 1-800-223-9797 or via text @ 75759

Friday, May 29, 2009

Victoria's Secret PINK Hoodies... only $25

You know I try to keep you as in the know as much as possible with every sale discount etc. So you can stay fly and keep your pockets fat!!! Well as of today May 29, 2009 ALL Victoria's Secret PINK collection hoodies (normally priced @ $49.50 and less) are ONLY $25.00!!! Including new stlyes. I'm not sure how long they will be on sale. So stop by your nearest Victoria's Secret store ASAP. They also have some PINK collection dresses on sale for $25.00 and as slways they have the panties 5 for $25.00.

Don't for get SEMI ANNUAL SALE starts in stores June 16th. I hope you have your ones up.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Hail For the Queen... Mc Queen That Is

These Alexander McQueen Shoes for Fall 2009 radiate a cool factor without a lot of bling or bright colors. In fact, all of his accessories from this collection are in black and whites mostly. I especially like the black and red snap boot. It's hard to change up boot design, but AM did it and the result is fabulous. Yes, I've seen baggy, loose boots, but they usually flop all over the place when you walk. On these, the snap allows for a clean, chic look. The black, studded ankle boots have a punk vibe, but they can still be worn by someone like myself who is definitely not punk.

Gucci Gucci Boo Hoo!!! (Fall 2009)

The Gucci Fall 2009 Shoe Collection was extremely disappointing. Black leather, black suede, black pleather. Skintight, thigh high boots that will only fit a size 00. An open toe ankle boot. BORING! Frida Giannini designed a shoe collection that has absolutely no distinguishing features. You may as well save your money and buy a pair of Steve Maddens, they look the exact same.

Bland, Boring, 
and as the French would say... Le Boo!

Call PETA I Don't Care... lol

The total look of the Marc Jacob 2009 Spring Collection will be favored by those who are adventurous and loves to be dressed up in a mix-matched creations of metallic, colors, textures, and patterns. However, the shoes and the wide belts will be a hit with every fashionista around come spring. 

I have to find these shoes ASAP!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I fell in love again...

The Mercedes-Benz GLK (code name X204) is a compact luxury crossover released as a 2009 model elsewhere and as a 2010 model in North America after its public debut at the 2008 Beijing Auto Show alongside the competing Audi Q5.

The GLK-Class was launched in 2008 and is built in Bremen (Germany), the first Mercedes SUV to be built there. Its design is heavily influenced by the C-Class.

On 01/12/2008, actress Kim Cattrall at a special unveiling ceremony at the North American Auto Show in Detroit. Confirming that her Sex In the City character (Samantha Jones) would drive the SUV in the movie version of the popular TV show.

The GLK was presented for the first time in Detroit under the form of the Mercedes-Benz Vision GLK Free concept.

MBUSA partnered with four turners to develop customs designs for the newly released GLK for the 2008 SEMA show in Las Vegas. Boulevard Customs, Brabus, RENNtech, Legendary motorcar company, were the four tuners that had the unique opportunity to design their vision.

The GLK shares the C-Class (W204) Platform , and production plans continued after the demise of the similar Smart Formore.

I thought it was pretty ironic how I fell for this SUV but now I know why... If you know me personally. You know how much I want the new C-Class 300 in white NO chrome except for my rims :-) I was being persuaded by someone else (hint hint) into getting the New BMW 3 series hard top drop (convertible) Since the concept of this SUV was taken from the C-Class I get the best of both worlds... minus it being convertible. Decisions, decisions... I'll figure it out

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Five Hot New Trends You Already Have... In Your Mom's Closet

Retro is back! Again! OK, so you hear this every season. But this time around, you don't have to fork out for '40s threads from some vintage shop. Just steal the '70s and '80s styles your mom wore when she was your age to look oh-so of-the-moment.

A printed scarf. 

Wrap it around your head to camouflage a bad hair day, or just tie it on your handbag to spruce up a plain leather style.

A slouchy blazer.

With a simple tank (and maybe your dad's or boyfriend's tie) and trousers, you'll look every inch the sexy gender bender Diane Keaton perfected in Annie Hall.

The romper. 

The last time your mom wore it, chances are you were actually watching "Romper Room." So it may need a bit of an update to match the sexy short-short styles out today. But that's nothing a good tailor and a pair of scissors can't fix.

Wide-leg pants.

Team 'em with a striped top for a cute "Hey, Sailor!" look or a flowy off-the-shoulder version if you're feeling a little friskier.
Wedge heels. 

Cool blues and kelly greens with raffia or wood heels are perfect for kicking around on weekend afternoons. Upgrade to a sparkly version when you go out at night to channel Studio 54 dancing queens.

Fit tip: If you and your mom have the same body type, look at old pics of her for styling inspiration. If not, have a friend take shots of you with a digital camera while you play dress up. It will help you get a realistic idea of what's worth modernizing for your shape and what you should help your mom sell on eBay.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Format Mag interview with JUNE

You may not yet have heard of him but hip-hop artist June has been makin’ moves for some time now. This South Bronx based sensation has been spittin’ rhymes since he was a wee thing (think kindergarten wunderkind on the mic) and has stuck with this passion ever since. A sought-after songwriter, as a teenager he ghostwrote lyrics for bigger names in the game, then transitioned into singer extraordinaire, vocal expression never far from his heart. When he met music producers the Soundmen, June’s sound really took off and it’s been hits and no misses ever since. June’s latest single with Remo the Hitmaker, the catchy, Auto-Tune heavy “Watch My Moves” recently leaked to local radio stations in New York and soon found its way onto the Internet; look for it on iTunes soon. With his giant smile, infectious laugh and winning attitude, it’s difficult not to fall for this complete package comprising personality, talent and drive. Beyond his solo success, June has collaborated with several well-known’s, among them multi-platinum producer Ron Browz and platinum DJ Webstar. Read on to learn more about this educated, opinionated and entertaining up-and-comer.

“The background I come from showed me history. I went through hip-hop different from the average dude my age. I know my history, as opposed to just doing rap…”

Format: How’d you get started in music?
June: I come from a music background. My parents owned a nightclub when I was young, like 6 years old. When I first got turned onto music I was about 7 years old. My brother was about 11 or 12 at the time. My brother [used to sneak] out to the DJ booth [and] DJ. My brother snatched me up, ‘yo, get on the mic while I DJ!’ The club was jam-packed. So, I go up and start rappin’. Everybody’s lookin’ up, like, ‘who the hell is that?!’ We rockin’ the crowd. My mom recognize[d] my voice and she whooped my ass. It was well worth being able to hone the crowd. That’s when I realized that was somethin’ I wanted to do.

Format: What happened next?
June: From that point on, I worked on my craft as much as possible, started recordin’. That’s when I started doin’ the writin’ thing, up until I was about 18 or 19. I started writing R&B. I didn’t know better at the time; I was unaware of royalties. I was blind, very na├»ve. I figured [to get paid] $500 to do somethin’ I love has gotta be the life. Eventually I started doing it the right way.

Format: With whom have you worked?
June: Ron Browz, DJ Webstar, Pesh. . .

Format: You and Pesh have got something in the works right now, correct?
June: We have the “Bubble Pop” single. We havin’ a big party in one of the biggest strip clubs in the Bronx. It’s comin’ up April 29th. [Pesh] has a record that we’re gonna skyrocket.

Format: What else do you have going on presently?
June: My single that I’m workin’ on right now [featuring] Remo the Hit Maker. He produced [my track] “Watch My Moves”. We co-wrote the chorus together, but he’s singing [it]. I got two verses.

Format: And you are also working on an EP, right? Can you tell me a little more about that?
June: The EP I’m gonna put out will be a street EP. It’s gonna cater more to the hip-hop crowd. A lot of my [tracks] are a little trendier sounding. This one’s gonna be a little tougher, a little darker. It’s still gonna have the pizzazz of June. It’s not gonna take away from my authenticity.

Format: Who might guest perform on this EP?
June: The only features that might be on there will be my immediate, ‘day one’ people, like Pesh, Remo [and] Kool. Soundmen did 95% of the production; shout-out to Scott Durday and Justin Jamison. When you hear the shit we put together, it’s crazy. The EP will have probably 15-20 tracks.

Format: Usually an EP is considered short.
June: We’re breakin’ the mold, man. At the rate we’re goin’, every day we got another hit record. We work all day.

Format: So when is this due to drop?
June: Monday April 26th 2009 is the official Internet release date, but it broke on Hot 97 last week.

You can check out the rest of the interview @

Bubble Pop Party @ The Player's Club

You missed a hell of party if you weren't in the player's club on April 29th for the Official single release of Pesh's summer banger titled "BUBBLE POP". The song features Bronx native JUNE and is produced by Ron Browz. There was bottles and bubbles popping galore!!! You can listen to the song on either artist myspace page.

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